Genealogy Information:

Researching your family tree in our Genealogy Room which houses historical data for Isle Madame:
*Parish Records
*Census Reports
*School Registers
*The Richmond Record 1900 – 1970 on micro fiche
*Photos & Family Genealogies
*Living Archives
*Newspaper articles

Lower Road, Arichat

Lower Road, Arichat

Assistance with research is available for a fee. Independent researchers are welcome for a daily fee of $10.00. Members are welcome to use historical data without charge.

– E-mail inquiries, please see questionnaire.
– Photocopying services are available at .25ยข per page.

If you’ve already researched your Isle Madame family, and would be willing to share your information we’d welcome the addition to our collection. It could be just what somebody else is looking for!