Become a member

Become a member of The Isle Madame Historical Society and contribute to our
community. Yearly membership fee is $10.00; our monthly meetings are held every first Wednesday of the month. If you are interested in membership please contact us.
Our mailing address is:
Isle Madame Historical Society, 708 Veterans Memorial Dr., P.O. Box 223, Arichat, N.S.
Phone # (902) 226-9364; (902) 226-2880; (902) 226-2440



As an annual member of the Isle Madame Historical Society you will receive:
* our member newsletter by e-mail once per year
* free research time in our genealogy room
* e-mail invitations to special events
* photo copying .20¢
* 10% discount on program admission

Volunteer Opportunities
Why should you become a volunteer with the Isle Madame Historical Society:
* You are needed.
* You love history.
* You want to see the Isle Madame Historical Society offer great exhibits that tell our visitors the story of Isle Madame.

Le Noir Forge - Blacksmith

LeNoir Forge – Blacksmith

Volunteer opportunities are available in many areas:
* Archives and Research Support
* Collection Support
* Exhibit Development
* Meet & Greet Visitors
* Gardening
* Gift Shop & Used Book Store


If you are interested in a volunteer position please contact:

IMHS Office  226-9364
Susan Marchand-Terrio 226-2880